Scott Williams has shot for CNN, MSNBC, FOX and Advertising Agencies. When he is not traveling the country, he produces out of his studio in Tucson, Arizona. In his spare time, he mentors up-and-coming producers and volunteers media services as a committee member for Habitat for Humanity.


Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business.

We are not separate from our environment. I keep this in mind as I consider prospective clients, groups, and missions. If there is a compatible hierarchy of values, there is potential for us to connect more deeply than typically available.


Professional. Skillful. Committted.

17 years of shooting has taught me to use the camera as an instrument, but it was my Will-Not-Quit attitude that I leaned on to win an ADDY Award. When Outcomes Matter, I am the guy you want behind you in the studio.


Connecting through vision and shared experience.

“When the Master is present, there is no one there.” I take this to mean that when one is fully absorbed in the task at hand, there is dissolution of self as all energy becomes focused. This is a great feeling to connect with during photoshoots.